Puyallup Tribe

The Puyallup Tribe (spuyaləpabš) is a federally recognized Coast Salish Tribe with around 2,500 enrolled members. The Puyallup Indian Reservation, which spans around 28.5 square miles and includes the Tribe’s headquarters, is located in what is now present-day Tacoma, Washington.

In 2016, the Tribe completed the Puyallup Climate Change Impact Assessment and Adaptation Options Report, which focused on a variety of climate hazards including sea level rise, extreme precipitation events and flooding, and wildfire. The Tribe also created a short video, “The Salmon People at Risk: What Climate Change Means for the Puyallup Tribe,” which highlights how climate change will affect the Puyallup Tribe and Tribal culture.


Where is the Puyallup Tribe’s Climate Work Highlighted in the Guidebook?

Step 2: Activity 2 – Identify and Organize Key Concerns.

Step 4: Activity 3 – Evaluate & Prioritize Actions.