Quinault Indian Nation

The Quinault Indian Nation is a federally recognized Tribe that consists of Quinault and Queets Tribes and descendants of five other coastal Tribes including the Quileute, Hoh, Chehalis, Chinook, and Cowlitz. Located in the southwestern corner of what is now the present-day Olympic Peninsula, the Quinault Indian Reservation employs over 700 people and is the headquarters of the Quinault Indian Nation government.

The Quinault Indian Nation has been investing in climate mitigation and adaptation planning efforts for years. The Quinault Indian Nation Climate Change Program states on its website that the Tribe’s long-term goal is “a healthy, resilient environment and a community of Elders, families and children with the capacity to adapt to climate change with flexible management options, economic opportunities and Quinault cultural continuity.” In 2016, the Tribe supported the development of the Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for the Treaty of Olympia Tribes.


Where is the Quinault Indian Nation’s Climate Work Highlighted in the Guidebook?

Step 1: Activity 3 – Develop a Vision, Goals, and Objectives.

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